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#2: C++ Programmierkurs

In dieser Veranstaltung werden grundlegende Programmierkenntnisse anhand der C++ Programmiersprachen vermittelt. Diese oder andere sind elementar für viele Studiengänge und weitere Programmiersprachen können auf dieser Basis einfach und schnell erlernt werden.

Lecture notes extract

A short lecture notes extract can be found here: Script


For the programming classes a g++ Compiler is needed. For Windows it can be installed as follows. If you still have problems installing it after you have read the following tutorial, we will help you in the classes.

g++ Installation

2) Download setup-x86_64.exe (is you have 32bit Windows, you should choose setup-x86.exe)

3) run setup-x86_64.exe 

4) Hit “Next”  until you get to “select packages”

5) click on the “default” behind “devel” , until it is replaced by “install"

6) hit “next”

7) wait…. it might take a while...

8) in the end you might have to hit “finish” to complete the installation

9) run cygwin (you should now have a desktop icon)

10) type "g++ -v” 

if you now see some cryptic version numbers (see also the picture in the instructions) everything worked out